massage tokyo.we provide philippine,oil,outcall,thai traditional massage.FIND MASSAGE JOB FOR FILIPINOS IN TOKYO!

Find Massage Job for Filipinos in TOKYO!

Philippine Massage

We provide outcall Philippine massage therapy,and other kinds of massage in your home or hotel room in central Tokyo until 1AM.Our main working area is central of Tokyo.


1. Please make a appointment first
Give us a call, please. Call us anytime from 4pm to Midnight 1am to ask any questions you may have.

2. Please schedule your appointment
When you reserve, please give us your name, phone number, where you would like to receive our services, hotel or home and at what time. Our staff will then confirm your appointment.

3. Please relax until our massage staff arrive 
We recommend you use this time to take a shower and relax.

4. Please decide the course
Once our massage staff arrives, you can decide which course of massage you would like to pursue. We have various options in terms of time and kinds of treatment.

5.Relaxation and healing begins
Please let us know the strength you would like us to use, any sore spots, or more generally any special requests you may have. Our staff is highly trained and talented, and we will see that you feel better, both mentally and physically, at the end of the session.


Phillippine massage
The technique is similar to Chinese and Japanese Shiatsu, and it focuses on applying pressure to certain areas of the body.

Thai traditional massage 
A combination of Shiatsu, Yoga and stretching techniques, this massages focuses on stimulating the energy channels of the body.
The whole body is massaged and reinvigorated.

Oil massage, Aromatherapy
We use plant essences or essential oils in combination with a massages to stimulate both your sense of touch and smell.
The aromas are designed to help with your healing and relaxation.

Now it is very popular among foreign countries. It is Japanese way of spot massages, using finger pressure and palm pressure.
It is said that Shiatsu promotes to help people relax and cope with issues such as stress, muscle pain, anxiety, depression...

Telephone : 03-6240-2921
Customers with reservations will be given priority.
If you cannot get through, please add 186 in front of the above phone number and try again.

Business Hours : 4:00pm - 1:00am (Reservation by telephone).

Contact E-mail Address:
Please send an e-mail about reservation.
Please note that reservations for the same day after 4PM can only be made over the phone.